Body Therapy

I am a trained body therapist from the ManuVision school of body therapy. It is a tradition of body therapy focusing on presence and on finding a well attuned balance between body, emotions and thoughts.

What clients say

“I highly recommend sessions with Einar, as his gentle approach will take you as deep into yourself as you would like to go, allowing you to feel closer to yourself, more self compassion and with profound insights. I’ve loved our sessions” John Thompson – co-founder and leader at Circling Europe

“After my sessions with Einar, I am more in contact with my body, and can manage stress much better. I have less pain in my wrists.” Michael – programmer

“I had no idea that the way I controlled my surroundings had such an impact on my body. This opens something completely new for me. I really recommend going to Einar.” Louise – bank employee, mother

“For the first time, after my sessions with Einar, I managed to persist in my no to my partner when we wanted different things. I got a completely new access to my boundaries.” Anna – student

Booking a time

I live in Copenhagen and I give treatments in Relational Spaces, and sometimes other places. The easiest way to book me is to book a time on Wednesdays in my calendar.

If those times don’t work, you can contact me and we will figure it out.

To contact me, you can use:

* If you call and I don’t answer (which is likely since my phone is usually in silent mode), please send me a text. There are lots of fake calls these days so I don’t usually call back if I don’t know who’s calling.


I do sessions in Swedish (my native language), in Danish and in English.


A treatment is around 60 min and costs 750 kr.

I rent a room Relational Spaces, you can find it on google maps.

You can book a time on Wednesdays in my calendar, or contact me for other options.


You can (and should) of course cancel if you develop symptoms.