Body Therapy

I provide body therapy in the ManuVision tradition. (See their official information in Danish).

What clients say

“After my sessions with you, I am getting more in contact with my anger and I am better at setting boundaries now.”

“I had no idea that the way I controlled my surroundings had such an impact on my body. This opens something completely new for me.”

“For the first time, after our talk, I managed to persist in my no to my partner when we wanted different things.”

Booking a time

I live in Copenhagen and I give treatments at the ManuVision house in Frederiksberg. The easiest way to book me is to book a time on Wednesdays in my calendar.

If those times don’t work, you can contact me and I can try to find a way.

To contact me, you can use:

* If you call and I don’t answer (which is likely since my phone is usually in silent mode), please send me a text. There are lots of fake calls these days so I don’t usually call back if I don’t know who’s calling.


I do treaments in Swedish (my native language), in Danish and in English.


A treatment is around 60 min and costs 850 kr.

Now during Corona, you need to bring a sheet and blanket for the massage table.

I rent a room at the ManuVision house in Frederiksberg, you can find it on google maps.

You can book a time on Wednesdays in my calendar, or see above for other options.


Now with covid-19 we are following some special rules wich means that you need to bring your own bed sheet, and a blanket. There is hand sanitizer available and I’ll use it before and after. If you want, I and/or you can also wear a face mask while I treat you.

You can (and should) of course cancel if you develop symptoms.

What is a ManuVision Treatment?

A ManuVision treatment is in the lineage of Wilhelm Reich, a sort of psychotherapy focused on tensions in the body. Our perspective is that pain often starts with tension, and that tension has an emotional aspect to it. By working with emotions, beliefs and body at the same time, within a trusting relationship between the therapist and the client, tensions can be relaxed, and you can experience more freedom and power.